For the Spectator – FC Flora -FC Flora

Flora Nike Cup -For the Spectator

Dear spectator! Thank you for coming to support your favorite player in the tournament!

Throughout the tournament we kindly ask you to follow a few simple guidelines:

  • Be respectful of both your and your opponents players, coaches and spectators, as well as the referees and other persons involved in the tournament. With disrespectful replies in their direction, you will not help your team.
  • Appreciate attitude and accomplishments, not the result – the most important victory in youth football is the player’s development.
  • Team and player coaching is the responsibility of Coaches – if you feel an irresistible desire to do it yourself, we recommend you to complete the coaching course and submit your application to some football clubs.
  • The right to make mistakes is both your favorite player and his teammates, as well as the impeccable referees of the match.
  • Stay in the designated area throughout the tournament, it is generally on the stand. It is certainly not a technical area of the teams (only substitute players and youth coaches are allowed there). Follow the organisers’ instructions, ask them for help if needed.
  • For children, the tournament day is a celebration. Please do not ruin the day for your favorite player or for other children!
  • If you act like written above, you will also feel like a winner at the end of the day.
  • To understand how you should not behave, we recommend to watch a video.

Enjoy the celebration!