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Women -Matchday

FC Flora´s home game is an emotional experience for all the visitors. The family-oriented organisation brings joy and excitement to spectators in every age


For selected games, the Family Area is located at the stadium, where the children are welcome to participate in different activities. We have created many club related activities:

  • Drawing
  • Face painting
  • Fanstand
  • Instagram-frame
  • Mascot

In addition to that, there are different competitions for children and adults:

  • Matchday bingo
  • Skill games


At each home game, you are welcomed to take an Honesty Flag from our Family Area and return it to the same place afterwards. Every person who takes a flag, can write his or her name on the green area of the flag.

By doing so, each flag will have its own story and history of carriers. It will be very interesting to see the road the flag has travelled.

To sum it up:

  • Come to the stadium!
  • Visit the Family Area and grab an Honesty Flag!
  • Write your name on the green area of the flag!
  • Support the team by waving the flag!
  • Return the flag to the Family Area when you leave!
  • Grab a new flag when you return next time!


At the selected games, different caterers offer food and beverages.


Entrance to the Women’s Team matches is FREE!

Matchday map at Lilleküla muruväljak

Matchday map at Sportland Arena