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The club’s coat of arms was created in cooperation between FC Flora’s fan and the president, depicting the ancient Greek goddess Flora – the goddess of spring and beauty. The club is a transmitter of the values of Goddess Flora.

The FC Flora logo went through a makeover at the start of the 2016 season. The club is also named after the goddess Flora, who is the central symbol of the logo. The goddess of spring and flowers stands for keywords that also go along with the club’s working principles – youth, continuity and openness. FC Flora’s colors are green and white to symbolize growth, purity and honesty.

After winning the club’s 10th championship in 2016, a two-letter logo was introduced on the shirts of the representative team, where, as previously mentioned, each point of the star represents the champion´s title won by the club. In 2023, FC Flora won the 15th Estonian championship and thereby acquired the right to use the logo with three stars on top of it.

From 2024, we renewed the use of the FC Flora logo and are based on the following:

We use the three-star logo on all products and design materials of the FC Flora representative team and club;

We use a one-letter logo on the uniform and design materials of FC Flora’s women’s team. As of December 31, 2023, the women’s team is a six-time champion of Estonia and therefore has the right to use a one-start logo;

We use the club logo without the stars on the uniforms and design materials of all FC Flora youth teams.

The green color code for printing is C 100 M 0 Y 100 K 0

The green color code for online use is R 0 G 150 B 57.

Download the FC Flora logo with three stars from here (PDF)

Download the FC Flora logo with one star from here (PDF)

Download the FC Flora logo without starts from here (PDF)